Here are some files I use with my laser engraver in my shop. Some are mundane, like cutting sandpaper into 1/4 sheets and some are used to create useful shop jigs. Feel free to download any you may be able to use. All files here are free. All zip files contain a Corel Draw 2017 CDR, PDF, DXF and AI files.

This is multiple templtes for the Freud plunge router. I have included a template for the original base, one with a ruler all the way aroung the edge, a 3in, 2in and original size center hole and a small template to attach to other jigs. I don’t have templates for any other router baseplates yet but I have a Porter Cable router also which may be next.
Click Here to Download Freud Plunge Router Baseplates

Freud Router Baseplate

The throat insert for my Powermatic 14 inch bandsaw broke almost day one that I had it so I made these out of masonite and haven’t turned back. They are a perfect friction fit and work wonderful. Zero clearance and standard throat sizes included in the file.
Click Here to Download Powermatic 14″ Bandsaw Inserts

Powermatic Bandsaw Insert

I needed a center finding rule one day so I decided to make one out of 1/8 in cherry. It has imperial and metric graduations. It has remained flat and square for about 6 years now.
Click Here to Download Metric and Imperial Center Finding Ruler


I cut out these and use spray adhesive to attach them to my Worksharp tempered glass wheels. I also get 2 small rectangles of sandpaper as a bonus. This saves me a ton of money.
Click Here to Download Worksharp Wheel Sandpaper Cutting Template

Worksharp Wheel Sandpaper Cutting Template

I have a small hook and loop bowl sander that the sandpaper is super expensive for so I made this to, again, save me some money. If you buy hook and loop backed sandpaper in 8.5×11 sheets you can use this without modification, otherwise it’s not hard to customize the file to suit your needs. I’ve actually used the hook and loop backed sanding disks from my random orbit sander with this. It doesn’t cut the shape perfect because of the holes but it still works. The wood doesn’t care what the sandpaper looks like.
Click Here to Download Small 2in Hook and Loop Bowl Sander Sandpaper Template

Bowl Sander Sandpaper Cutout

This cuts 4 90 degree shapes out to be stacked and used as a clamping jig for frames or anything else. There are 1/8 in alignment holes to insert .125 brass rod into so everything lines up nicely. I cut mine from masonite and glued the layers with CA glue.
Click Here to Download 90 Degree Clamping Jig Template

90 Degree corner clamping jigs

OK so I’m a little particular when it comes to my sandpaper. I would rather have nice neat piles in my drawer than torn up sheets of differing sizes.
Click Here to Download 1/4 Sheet Sandpaper Cutting Template

.25 Sheet Sandpaper