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Post Office Door Banks

I can’t tell you off the top of my head how many of these banks I have made. They are quite a novelty and everyone loves them. All of the doors I get are antiques from Ebay for next to nothing. I’ve had doors dating back to the 1800’s, though usually a little more pricey. I had a client actually supply a door that was in her family for generations and she wanted something unique made out of it. These are really easy to batch out since all the #1 and #2 size doors, which are the sizes I use, from different manufacturers are all the same size and I’m sure they sell pretty well if you are doing craft fairs or the like. The coin slot covers and key shaped combination instructions I designed in Corel Draw and cut out on my laser engraver. I laser engrave a serial number for each bank in case the owner loses the combo card or otherwise forgets the combination. I have an Excel document with every bank serial number, clients name, combo, date of purchase and a few other bits of information. This has actually come in handy with the first bank I ever sold. I was living in Tennessee and a client from Florida bought a bank for his god daughters birthday, which was months away. He messages me right before her birthday asking me for the combination. I asked him for the serial number that was engraved in my logo on the bottom. I looked up the combo and emailed him back. He was, consequently, very grateful for this bit of customer service.

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